2 Common Internal Linking Error Every SEO Expert Must Avoid

  1. The open loop

The metric that addresses the amount of link flow a page, has a direct correlation with the number of internal links that are supporting a page. It is easy to assume that Google knows where your pages are and what they mean. When you don’t create internal links or when every link is not placed strategically, you lose the opportunity to rank a preferred landing page. Hence, SEO Singapore Company makes sure that you don’t repeat such errors next time.

  1. So many outbound links on a single page

This is hands down the ideal way to drop down your rankings. When you have too many links on your page, it is detrimental. This is categorized as template optimization and site architecture, but the internal link structure is a part of this process for keeping the user experience while letting the site to come up for the keywords the page was made in the first place. You can fix this by determining the necessary links and collecting links from a complete segment to a new page or remove the links and focus more on user experience and then sort it into categories for proper SEO structure.

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