3 Ways YouTube Annoys Its Users

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms to find videos of your interest and learn new things. It offers you super personalized suggestions and carefully looks into your search activities and interest to offer you the best content. But there are times even YouTube annoys its users. Especially when it restricts a certain content to be accessed in certain situations. Age restriction is one of the best examples of it. At the heart of this moral intervention of YouTube sits a good intention to protect the younger audience from content that might not be good for them. Other than that, there is country-specific restriction and limitation and also, there download blocks on the content. These are the three ways by which YouTube annoys its users and here are how to unblock YouTube from these restrictions.

· Age Restriction

Age restriction as said earlier is one of the best tools for content creators to publish NSFW content. Using age restriction, the creators don’t have to worry about their content being watched by the younger audience as it offers them warning before opening it. But if you are not logged into YouTube you too cannot access the age-restricted content and not many people like it, especially if they are watching it on an unprotected network. Here is how to unblock YouTube age-restricted content. Simply add ‘NSFW’ to the start of the video URL you are trying to access.

· Country-Wise Restrictions

This is another common restriction as per the country in which you are residing. There are several reasons why certain countries don’t allow you to download the content, the videos may have copyrighted material for example music. To protect themselves from getting a strike from YouTube for copyright issues a lot of content developers would not allow people from a certain country to access the content. Here is how to unblock YouTube content that is restricted for download; simply download a free VPN service and choose another country to bypass this limitation. However, not always this trick helps because Google is become smarter and smarter in recognizing these connections.

· Blocked Youtube Content

There are chances that your favorite video might be put down because it offended people due to its content. But there is a way to watch them. Simply open the video that has been put down, you will see the video deleted on the screen. Open in another tab, and put the URL of the deleted video in the search bar present on the homepage. This will pretty much solve your problem.

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