5 Reasons To Get Cable TV During Lockdown

Lockdown has changed the perception of human living. Many people have found lockdown irritating and boring. TV, games, and social media trends are the only things that have entertained people during lockdown so far. Most people have shifted to OTT and apps from cable tv. Netflix and Amazon Prime have replaced many cable TVs like the go tv Kenya. But here are 5 main reasons why you need to choose cable TV during the lockdown.

1. Cost-Effective

To watch films or shows on mobile or OTT’s, you need to pay a particular amount of money. But during a lockdown, every office and every business is closed. Only the online businesses that are necessary have profits during these periods. And many employees don’t even receive at least half of their salary. Even though you find many movies on OTTs every person in your home can’t have access to those apps as they are screen-restricted. But when it comes to cable TVs, the price is very low. Hence, choosing cable TV during lockdown is a money-saving option.

2. Family-Friendly

Every person in the house has a mobile phone and uses it almost from morning to evening. To those families who want to spend a lot of time together, cable TV is a boon. With cable TVs like go tv Kenya, families can spend together and watch shows together and have fun.

3. Channels

When compared, OTTs have many more movies than cable TVs. But you can’t keep watching movies all the time. You might want to listen to music sometimes or watch the news sometimes. At those times OTTs can’t work as they have only movies and shows. But on cable TV you can choose from a wide range of channels. At a low price, you get access to music channels, news channels, sports channels, and much more on cable TV. So, you can choose cable TV rather than OTTs and applications.

4. Types Of Networks

Though there are various OTTs, not every platform has the same channels and movies. For example, you can get marvel movies only in one OTT, and for the DC movies, you need to take the subscription of another OTT. But cable TV isn’t like that. As there is a wide range of networks you can choose any network that has all channels.

5. Accessibility

Not every village or street has mobile signals. But every street has a cable TV. And without signals, you can’t access any OTT. But cable TV-like go tv Kenya doesn’t need any mobile network. So, people can get access to cable TV easily which is why cable TV is better than OTT.

Therefore these are the five main reasons why you need to choose cable tv rather than other OTTs and mobile applications during a lockdown.

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