A Brief Insight into Submersible and Underwater Load Cells for Marine Applications

There are many submersible load cells and torque sensors available for all kind of marine applications and needs. This equipment come bearing underwater sensing technologies and can adapt any standard load cell or torque sensor design to work in marine environments. There are also many standard underwater load cells and torque sensors available in all kidn of measurement ranges that are able to work in around 7000 feet underwater or 3000 psi. all the standard load cell geometries like S beam, pancake, shear pin etc. can water underwater as marine load cells.

The most common marine sensing application needs measuring the inline tensile forces like keeping an eye on the anchor line loads. For the same there are many underwater and submersible tension link and marine load cells are available. The standard tension link load cell product comes bearing clevis connection points on one of the ends which is determined on the basis of the load cell capacity. But you can customize any connection end to align it with a particular customer need.

There are also many submersible rotary -torque sensors available for marine applications. The maximum depth rating depends on the basis of its overall geometry and full-scale capacity. A high capacity design made for output torque measurement of a submersible pump can run at depths for 7000 ft. When there are space and size limitations, you can also go for pancake or button style load cell made and rated for marine use. These cylindrically thin shaped load cells are usually placed under a subsea structure for measuring the compressive forces. This style sensor also entails a through or threaded hole for attaching and measuring the tensile forces.

All the underwater and submersible load cells and torque sensors are able to include internal or external signal conditioning for output options like ±5 VDC, ±10 VDC, and 4-20 mA. Load cells and torque sensors need a rapid disconnect with the option of underwater connectors that can plug or unplug to up to 7000 ft underwater. Moreover, there is one more option where IP 68 rated displays can be easily configured and calibrated in order to work with all the marine load cells and torque sensors. The companies work a lot into the techniques for marine applications. If the product is not able to meet your needs, then let the company know immediately.

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