Five Awesome Features of Reliable Dog Daycare Software

Becoming a groomer takes a good deal of education, plus plenty of dogs and cats coming onto your table to hone your skills set. You will need to learn different techniques for various breeds, methods for calming skittish animals, special tricks, and more. Your achievements, certifications, and compliance with rules and regulations make clients confident about your practice and business. To stay relevant in this constantly changing industry, you need to embrace technology for a more efficient operation and improved customer experience. One of the best ways to make this happen is to use a piece of reliable daycare software. The following are some important features of this software:

Online Customer Portal

A great piece of dog daycare software program has an online customer portal that allows customers to self-register, schedule services, make payments, and view photos or report cards. This offers convenience and minimizes staff requirements for your business. You can choose to have a browser-based or app-based portal, whatever is easier for your customers to access. The online booking and scheduling portal must be mobile-friendly and easy to use.

Fast Check-In

The majority of dog daycare customers show up while on their way to work. A fast, accurate check-in of every pet is required to help ensure proper care and accurate billing. Also, check-ins must have controls to ensure unwanted pets or those without vaccination records are red-flagged at the time of check-in. Some kennel software has advanced features like barcode scanners and RFID tags.

Recurring Reservations

Sure, drop-ins are good customer service. However, they make it difficult to plan for staffing. You may offer lower service levels or violate local laws due to understaffing or decrease your profitability due to overstaffing. With recurring reservations, customers find it easier to tell when they expect to come so you know what to expect and whether you have to increase your marketing to get more customers.

Fast and Easy Payment Processing

Pet owners are busy people   so they want fast and easy payment processing. They expect fast check-outs as they show up in a short timeframe to pick up their dogs. The best software has integrated credit card processing that accelerates an error-free check-out. Also, online payments make it easy for customers to buy packages and pay invoices while minimizing staffing requirements.

Easy Note-Taking and Custom-Icon Setting

These features will help your team be prepared and respond appropriately to the needs of your customers or their pets. You will get instant popups for things such as expired vaccinations.

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