How Do Search Engines Work and Why Are They Important for My Business?

We have all searched for things online; either using Google or a similar search engine, and no matter what it is you are asking, you will receive literally hundreds of thousands of search results, and all in less than a second! It is pretty amazing when you stop to think about it, how a search engine can deliver so much is such a short space of time, and if you have ever wondered exactly how they do it, you’ve come to the right place.

The Search Engine Index

This is the list of websites that the search engine has indexed, along with some data connected to the search, such as:

  • The Keywords – If the keywords are contained with a website, then that site would be indexed accordingly.
  • The Site Content – The search engine always tries to deliver search results that are relevant to the search query, and this is one area that an expert SEO company can make a real difference by including information that is connected to the search term.
  • Recent Updates – Websites that are regularly updated are given priority by search engines, so it is important to upload new content to your website on a regular basis.

It’s All About Algorithms

Algorithms are what allow a search engine to run through the entire World Wide Web and filter the search down to deliver results that are relevant to the search terms. If you would like to push your website to the top of the rankings, contact one of the specialist companies that offer SEO in Bangkok and they can start the process of making your website more prominent when the right keywords are used in an online search.

Relevant Criteria

Search engines use a range of criteria when delivering search results, which include the following:

  • Location – The search engine will deliver results that are near to your current location when carrying out the search, plus, of course, you can add location words in the search, which should limit the results to just that region.
  • Language – A search engine will always deliver the results in the same language used in the search query.
  • Previous Search History – A search engine can remember specific users and therefore the same set of search words might bring different results for different people.
  • Device Used – The search results may differ depending on the device you are using to carry out the search; desktop searches might bring up a different set of results than one made with a smartphone or tablet, even though the same keywords are used.

Helping Customers to Locate your Business

If you hire the services of a leading SEO provider, they will boost your website’s rankings within search enquiries, and this should see an increase in site traffic and hopefully sales too. The typical behaviour of an online shopper is to search for a specific product or service using Google or one of the other prominent search engines, and they will find what they are looking for within the first 15-20 search results, so with a specialist fine tuning your website, you can expect to enjoy more traffic and that should lead to an increase in revenue.

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