How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets are costly, and more importantly, their purpose can’t be taken for granted. Therefore, you must ensure that your investment on a motorcycle helmet is worth the money and time when you use it to protect your head. Note that a good helmet should have essential features such as a helmet mounted display that helps in navigation.

Here are some of the things to consider when you choose the best helmet.

The Type of Helmets

You’ve come across many types of helmets that are in the market. This includes full faces, off-road, and modular. You need to determine what you need and what makes you comfortable. Full face helmets are the best choice for most bikers. Irrespective of the type of helmet you choose, ensure it comes with a helmet-mounted display.

The Certification

The moment you choose the helmet type, check the ISI mark at the back. This mark indicates that its been approved by the authorities and follows the safety tests that comprise minimum impact and penetration abilities, the prescribed minimum field of view, and chin strap retention qualities. You might get cheap helmets that don’t have the ISI mark, but they won’t give any protection, and you will be forced to pay a fine for not using an ISI mark helmet.

The Material

Most helmets are made of fiber-glass composites, but the high-end helmets are made of Kevlar and carbon composite. The interior of the helmet has cushioning with an air mesh to absorb sweat and keep it inside dry and clean. Don’t purchase the plastic ones as they might break even from fall. Ensure the helmet is light to be used for long hours, and the interior foam can be detached for washing.

The Coverage Area

The coverage area denotes the regions of protection that you would get from the helmet. A full-face helmet offers the maximum protection covering the neck, face, and head. So, if safety is your top priority, check the coverage area of the helmet.

The Visor

A visor is available in tinted and clear shades. Choose what you feel comfortable with. A dark-tinted visor might make seeing in the dark very hard, while the clear visor will allow more sunlight in the daytime. Visor also creates scratches faster and can obstruct the visibility of the rider. Get the UV protection visors, which are better in protecting than the stock visors. If you are buying a high-end helmet internationally, ensure you choose a spare visor also.

The Comfort

A helmet comes with ventilation vents that cool your head during hot days. Note that long riding under sunny temperature will create an unpleasant smell to accumulate in the helmet; adequate ventilation ensures that the air inside the helmet is recycled, and the rider doesn’t suffocate.

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