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How to Keep Your Social Media Presence Despite Business Closure

It’s hard for a lot of businesses to stay close at this time. Several companies even furloughed employees due to the lack of income. If you managed to keep your employees and afford to pay them, you’re in luck. You can move your operations online, and keep working even if you don’t have a regular operation. The good thing is with the aid of social media, you can keep everything going. You might not sell products and services, but you keep your potential customers excited. These tips will help you improve your social media presence and stay relevant.

Hire a social media manager

Given those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, it’s easy to find top-quality employees. Even those who already helmed top posts in some companies are looking for jobs right now. It means that if you intend to get the best social media manager, you won’t have a problem. Find someone who has years of experience and has a deep understanding of how social media works. You need someone who can develop creative strategies to keep your business relevant and entice more people to at least look at what you offer. 

Come up with unique advertising videos

You can also think of ways to advertise online. The good thing about digital advertising is that it’s usually free. You can’t afford other advertising platforms due to the lack of income, so advertising online is ideal. The only problem is that you have to compete with many other businesses. Make sure your advertisements are enticing and can easily stand out in a crowded field. 

Start games and offer prizes 

You can come up with exciting games to give people reasons to visit your site and get to know your products and services. Offering rewards to winners is also an excellent idea. It’s a way of giving back to your loyal customers. If you’re not getting income right now because of business closures, it’s even worse for some people. Therefore, offering small rewards by joining the games could go a long way for some people. 

Offer updates 

Even if you’re not fully operational right now, your business will eventually open. At that point, you want your loyal customers to show up. You also want more people to consider buying your products. Keeping everyone updated would be great. Let them know when you intend to reopen. If you moved some operations online, you should also tell everyone about it. If there are upcoming promotions, you can provide details on how to avail of them. 

Send private messages and emails 

Keep everyone updated through private messages and emails. Prioritise loyal customers and those who subscribed to your pages. It’s a way of telling them that they matter. Just make sure you don’t spam their inbox since it could turn them off.

You can’t feel hopeless because of what’s happening now. Despite the lack of normal operations, you can keep the business going. You can also retain people’s attention. Eventually, your business will get back to the usual operations. By then, you have to prepare to operate in full steam. Improve your company by buying a new projector wall mount. Your meetings will be smoother when you have one in the meeting room. Find other ways to make the office more comfortable for your employees upon return.




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