What Exactly Is Landscaping Software? Here’s An Overview!

Let’s get real – landscapers cannot automate their jobs. It is necessary to get hands dirty – quite literally – to deliver upon client expectations. However, managing the business does get easier with a software. In fact, landscapers often use software to manage their operations, right from billing and invoices to job scheduling, accounting, and even marketing. So, what exactly is a landscaping software? Should you company invest in one? What to expect in terms of features? In this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects that need attention.

The basics

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that a landscaping software solution is not a design tool specifically. It is much like any software designed for better business management, but developed in a way to aid landscaping companies and professionals in general, although some may have design capabilities. There are plenty of landscaping software systems out there, and not all are same. It is necessary to evaluate the features and find one that works for your business.

Features and things to expect

As we just mentioned, landscaping software designs may vary, and the features depend on the price. At the least, such software system should allow companies to manage their regular, onetime, and recurring job appointments, and landscapers should be able to manage team, employees and tasks as required to make the most of the resources. Invoicing is another feature of most landscaping software products, and businesses should be able to accept payments easily. Many products also allow users to link their system to an accounting software. Selected landscaping software may have the choice of editing/creating images and drawings using tools like CAD. One of the other important features is Customer relationship management (CRM), which allows landscapers to keep a complete tab on their clients.

Email marketing and assistance with marketing are aspects that can be added or offered, but it really depends on the scope of the landscaping software selected.

Final word

If you want to use landscaping software¸ we would recommend that you check what features your company needs, and if the product ticks the right boxes. The pricing is a matter of concern, but paying a tad more for a slightly better software product is never a bad idea. Check if the product comes with a mobile app, which can be a good way to explore all the features on the go and remotely away from office.

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